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Dutch Neck Village

Dutch Neck Landscaping



Dutch Neck Landscaping opened for business in 1971, the creation of Henry Hepner and his son Larry.  Another son, Lee joined the business in 1975.  Since 1995, Dutch Neck has been owned by the brothers, Larry and Lee.

Since its inception, Dutch Neck has featured distinctive landscaping services, including design, installation and maintenance.

Over the years, the landscaping service has expanded to include:

  n Retaining walls, walkways, driveways, and patios using E.P. Henry paving products

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Of Dutch Neck

  n Fencing
  n Lawn and shrub maintenance
n Tree and shrub planting
n Sodding and seeding
n Wood decks
n Decorative ponds
n Landscape lighting

In other words, Dutch Neck Landscaping does everything imaginable for the outside of your home or business!!

Those interested in the way Dutch Neck Landscaping services can improve your property, call (856) 451-2188 to discuss your needs and obtain an estimate.  You can also contact us with an .