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Dutch Neck Village

The Old Hickory Arboretum



The Old Hickory Arboretum And Display Garden

If you like to roam around an arboretum to observe and study trees and shrubs, or simply to enjoy the solitude and relax, you're in luck!  Dutch Neck Village has a good one.  It takes it's name from a large hickory tree, which is about 100 years old, located on the western border of the property.  It can be seen in back of the large mound feature.

The area consists of about three acres of land, being part of the original nursery of Dutch Neck Landscaping.  The largest trees are about 30 years old.  Many of the evergreen trees are Douglas Fir which were grown for Christmas trees, but were not chosen.

A close look will reveal the old nursery rows, but the cleverly planned planting beds and grassed walkways conceal that fact.

Many plants found here are tried and true landscape plants, but there are some newer varieties that are under used and should be used more often.  Also, new introductions will be added as they arrive.  The majority of the trees and shrubs are labeled with the botanical name and the common name so you may observe that plant as it grows to maturity.  There are nearly 200 different varieties of plants, including those in the village.  Some of the plants in the village section may not be labeled, but will be when time permits.

If you do not find a certain plant in which you are interested, perhaps someone in the office can direct you to it.  We realize there are many, many plants which are not planted here, but will be in the near future as time and funds permit.  There are benches placed at intervals along the walkways for resting or relaxing with your favorite book.  Some benches are placed in the sun and others in the shade.  Take your pick.  While here, see how many birds you can see or hear.

A Place For All Seasons

Plants and trees provide interest at many times during the year, such as flowers in the spring, fall color during autumn and berries in the winter.  Even after a new snowfall, the arboretum becomes a winter wonderland.

Visitors to the Old Hickory Arboretum can bring a picnic lunch and use the picnic tables or dine at the Country Rose Restaurant.

Great For Outdoor Events

The Old Hickory arboretum is just the place for outdoor events, such as weddings and family reunions.  With beautiful surroundings and colorful flowers, it can be the perfect place for that special event when you need a distinctive and elegant touch.  The Dutch Neck Village staff can offer the proper size tent for a reception.  They can also arrange for a DJ, food catering and limousine service.  Two lovely weddings and one large family reunion took place here during 1999 with great success.

The Old Hickory Arboretum is open from 9 a.m. until sunset every day of the week.  All grounds at the Village and the Arboretum are maintained by Dutch Neck Landscaping.  Admission is free, but donations made at the Welcome Center are graciously accepted.  Donations will be used to purchase additional plants for public display.  Both the Old Hickory Arboretum and the Country Living Museum are free attractions at Dutch Neck Village.

Nature groups, service clubs, school classes, and families have taken advantage of our guided tour.  Call in advance for a reservation.  Of course, this service is free, as well as admission anytime.

For more information, call (856) 451-2188 or send us an E-mail to